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  • Bryce Canyon Animals

    By: Coral Bryce canyon national park has a lot of animals, including: Mountin lions,Prairie dogs, rattle snakes, Coyotes, and more! The Mountain lion has six names! Not only that, but as an adult it is thirty inches at the shoulder. When Mountin lion babys are born they have spotted coats and bright blue eyes. Another […]

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  • Bryce

    Bryce Canyon, Utah May 25 – June 1, 2018 In our first loop around the US we only visited Bryce Canyon National Park and the surrounding area on one quick day trip.  And like so many parts of Utah, it demanded a second more thorough look. We found a wonderful boondocking spot right between Red […]

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  • Peekaboo

    Escalante, Utah May 23-25, 2018 We drove a jaw-dropping section of Hwy 12 through a landscape with surprises around every curve, to our next site near the tiny town of Escalante. This camping area was right off the beginning of a dirt road named “50 Mile Wash”. We read that at the end of 50 […]

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  • More Moab

    Moab, Utah May 15-22, 2018 After Clay went back to Chicago, we had another week in the Moab area.  Without the pressure to show off our favorite places to a guest, our pace slowed down drastically.  But we did continue to make the most of this amazing place, where no amount of time ever seems […]

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  • Sedona

    Sedona, AZ April 30 – May 4, 2018 Brad found a fantastic boondocking site for us on National Forest land right outside of Sedona. I had never really heard of this crunchy little town, located in what I found to be the most beautiful part of Arizona so far. Sedona is named after a woman […]

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  • Labs: A Report by Sunny

    Labs There are a lot of things to learn about labs. A labs life begins with its litters. There are usually seven to eight puppies in a litter. They drink their Mom’s milk until they can eat soft puppy food at 5 weeks old. They can leave their Mom after 8 weeks, but continue to […]

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  • ABQ 2

    Albuquerque, New Mexico April 23 – 29, 2018 We met a new force during this stay in NM that we hadn’t been previously familiar with – the spring winds. The wind in ABQ doesn’t seem like mother nature’s usual routine based on father time’s queues. It seems more like a mischievous cousin that waits until […]

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  • 500 days later

    Raton, New Mexico April 12, 2018   In November of 2016 we were waylaid in Albuqueque, NM waiting on a trailer part to arrive to repair a leaking tank.  While we waited, we ended up having a fantastic 3+ weeks exploring the interesting city, and made ourselves at home at one of our favorite campgrounds, […]

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  • Raton

    Raton, New Mexico April 11-14, 2018 We drove north of Santa Fe to spend a couple of quiet days in the small town of Raton. It’s amazing how locations within the same state, only a couple of hours away from each other, can feel like worlds apart. Raton was home to a coal mine that […]