September 13-26, 2018
Missoula, Montana

From our lovely boondocking spot in rural Idaho, we headed north toward Montana.

Travel days are a little different now, and slightly more complicated; but so much cuter!
I like to take turns snuggling, too.
On the drive from Sun Valley, Idaho to Missoula we spent one quick night at the Tower Rock BLM Recreation Area in Salmon, Idaho.  It was a perfect stopping place on our route, and we had it to ourselves.

Early the next morning Brad visited some nearby hot springs.  He had a lovely time soaking in the warm water despite coming face-to-face with a snake and dropping his phone in the water.  Thankfully, his phone survived the dip!

We stayed at a campground just outside of Missoula.  Fresh apricots were growing right outside the front door in our campsite!

While the family was base-camped in Missoula for the week, I hopped a flight back to our hometown of Wenatchee to help facilitate several events for Beyond the Frame, a grant-funded project that I’d been working on in my remote, part-time role with a marketing company back home.  It was a really amazing project to be a part of for months leading up to this trip, but that’s another story for another time.

While I was away, the girls had an amazing week with Brad – doing art projects, exploring new trails, visiting museums, playing on playgrounds, going to restaurants, and watching Ponyo at the old, local theater.  It was interesting to spend 5 days separated from my family after over 2 years of rarely being more than 10 feet away from them for more than a moment!  Spending the week in these reversed typical roles, me working tons of hours to coordinate special events and Brad filling all the domestic duties, felt like a vacation of sorts for all of us.  It was a great, refreshing week.

One new challenge; this was the first campground we’ve stayed in since welcoming Ginger aboard.  Since most campgrounds have strict leash rules but Ginger is used to roaming free, this could get interesting…

This little mischief maker wanted to be outside exploring, and kept wandering further and further. One evening while I was in Wenatchee my cell phone rang, and it was a woman who had found her while she was out walking around the campground. Pets at this campground (understandably) are supposed to always be on a leash when outside your RV. Since this woman worked at the campground, it was an awkward conversation. This arrangement is about to get complicated…

By the time I return to Missoula from Wenatchee, we just had a few more days for the girls to show off all the cool places they had discovered while I was away.

Enjoying a super fun Missoula playground.
Optical challenges & illusions at the Spectrum Discovery Museum.
These fun goggles turned the world upside down!
Ginger thinks this sink is meant just for her.
Our little circus, back on the road again.
Shortly after leaving Missoula we began to see snow, and it’s only September! Time for the trek south to begin.
At a rest stop in Montana, there was enough snow to stop and make a quick snowman!

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