Bryce Canyon Animals

By: Coral

Bryce canyon national park has a lot of animals, including: Mountin lions,Prairie dogs, rattle snakes, Coyotes, and more! The Mountain lion has six names! Not only that, but as an adult it is thirty inches at the shoulder. When Mountin lion babys are born they have spotted coats and bright blue eyes.

Another animal that lives in Bryce is the coyote. Anyone who has ever heard the eerie cry of a coyote during it`s hunt has ever forggoten it.They are very intelligent creatures. Another cool fact about coyotes is their scat has bits of hair and bones in it.

One of the most dangerous animals in Bryce canyon is the rattle snake.It mates in early spring,and gives birth between August and October.The scientific name for this rattle snake is the Crotalus Vividis Lutosus.

One more animal that lives in Bryce canyon is the Utah prairie dog. Belive it or not they hibernate! Females are pregnet about twenty-eight days. Also females live to be eight years old but males rarely make it more then five years!!!

Bryce canyon was my favorite national park, I hope to go back and see a rattle snake.

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  1. Clay says: Reply

    Good job, Coral! I do not want to see a rattlesnake!

  2. G says: Reply

    I learned so much! You put in a lot of hard work and it shows. Kudos!

  3. MICHAL krell says: Reply

    Hi Coral,
    I will be back to Bryce in the fall. Hope to see some animals this time. Now I know what to look for.
    Thanks for sharing your experience! Nice job!!

  4. Cheryl King says: Reply

    Maybe rattlesnakes should only be viewed from behind glass, at a distance?? You’ve had some wonderful adventures, and I enjoyed reading your report.

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