Free Parking with the Sea Lions

Crescent City, California
November 10, 2017

On our way south from the Oregon coast down to the California Redwoods, we planned to find a boon docking site for 1 night to split up the long trip.  We were tentatively aiming for a casino parking lot in Crescent City, but as we got closer Brad noticed another potential spot on (our go-to site for free/cheap camping spots). It was just a handful of parking spots at a beach access.  It didn’t say that camping was allowed, but it also wasn’t posted that it WASN’T allowed, and other RV’ers had used this site.  So we decided to give it a try.  It ended up being a delightful place right on the Pacific Ocean to spend the evening.

When we arrived it was cold and rainy outside, so we enjoyed our view from inside while we played with some homemade gak & play dough.
Once the rain stopped we decided to take advantage of our chance to play on the beach before dark. There was a charming, grass trail from the small parking area down to the shore.
I think I’m overdue for posting a picture of Sunny flying through the air, as she so often does. So here you go.
We found this super fun beach shelter that seemed intentionally made to look like a whale skeleton. We had all sorts of adventures in, on, and around this thing.
We watched and listened to the sea lions hunting in the surf, and the girls had all of sorts of fun with the giant kelp they found all over the beach.
Not a bad backyard for a free campsite.
Our evening on the beach was one of those beautiful moments when my senses were completely overwhelmed with the beauty all around us – one of those moments that feels like it has more weight than most moments – and all I can do is try to absorb it while it lasts and then let it fade away.
One of my favorite Kahlil Gibran quotes was running through my head as we watched the sun say its colorful goodnight to our continent, “And that which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space.”

We lay in our beds in Stumbo, hoping that no one would ask us to leave at 2am, and listening to the sea lions barking all night long.

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  1. Ted says: Reply

    Hidden gem! I love this post, one of my favorites. Love and miss you guys!!

  2. Pat says: Reply

    Beautiful spot for a free over-nighter! We took our motorhome out the last 2 weeks of Jan. Moved down the WA coast from Port Angles thru Kalaloch beach state park, Pacific beach, then Cape Disappointment. The storm really took a toll on some campsites a C.D. Washing several off onto the beach. 🙁
    Miss you guys at New Song! Stay safe!
    Pat & Becky

  3. Marie Scanlon says: Reply

    i have those beautiful, weighty moments sometimes just reading about your beautiful, weighty moments. Your words, your pictures and your family just do that to me. I miss you!

    ps. i love Sunny in the air pictures.

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