Oregon Coast

Florence, Oregon
November 2-10, 2017

On our way to a rainy week on the Oregon coast.

We spent one rainy week camped on the Oregon Coast at a mostly-empty county RV park right outside of Florence, Oregon. It felt good to be back on the road again after our month in Wenatchee, but it was also jarring to go from the busy, logistically-complicated month of happy life in community back to long slow days trapped in a small trailer while the rain drizzled down on the roof. It was pretty uneventful, but also just the rest I needed. We spent multiple days at the local library in the great children’s area, frequented the hip little downtown coffee shop (even doing school there one morning), met up with another full-time RV family we found on Instagram, and tried to enjoy the beach outside our back window every time the sun came out.

Most days that we walked down the hill from our campsite to this beach we had it to ourselves.
 There was a jetty that was only accessible at low tide where the girls’ imaginations ran free.
There was a herd of seals that we watched hunting for fish most afternoons in the shallow water during low tide.
Shell & grass earrings, made by Coral.
Homemade Gak day!
My Sunshine.
We were delighted to meet another full-time RV family! We spent one very fun-filled afternoon with them in Florence.

One morning we checked out the Hobbit Trail, a short but interesting path to the beach from Hwy 101. It was aptly named.

The trees & vines made all sorts of tunnels and spaces that felt like rooms. We explored many of these “Hobbit Houses” along the way.
We all had a blast exploring this short but delightful walk to the beach.
The forest was a garden of unique & interesting mushrooms everywhere.
Also lots of interesting ferns in various stages of life.
Hobbit Trail to the beach.
Feral beach kids enjoying the destination at the end of our hike.
Family pic at Hobbit Beach.
The cliffs of sands along the beach had all sorts of interesting carvings.  I think this was sandstone that had not yet become sandstone.  So even though it looked like rock, and was supporting the forest above, you could just write in it with your finger.

Florence was a fun, quirky little town.  The majority of the population seemed to be liberal, elderly women that could be heard discussing edibles at the local coffee shop.  I always love eavesdropping, but it was particularly delightful in this place.  So even though this destination could have brought much more amusement, and Brad always seems to be able to charm older folks into loving him, we just couldn’t stay too long.  Since we didn’t leave Wenatchee until November 1st, winter will be chasing us down the coast as we travel south.  We also have the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range to cross, hopefully before the snow.  So instead of enjoying these drippy lush forests any longer, we enjoyed our week and then it was time to move on.


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