Russellville, again

January 23 – 27, 2017
Russellville, Arkansas

As was our plan when we launched on this adventure year, my parents’ house in Russellville, Arkansas will be our “home-base” all winter as we wait for warmer seasons to continue our counter-clockwise loop of the US.  So in between all of our other mini-adventures in the tri-state area, we will be returning here to catch up on school work, Apt Design work, and laundry.  For reasons I will go into in a later post, we actually moved out of Stumbo and into my parents’ upstairs for this visit.

The girls may or may not have been enlisted to help with Pappy’s “barn project”.

During this visit, the girls finally got to saddle up their pony, Pinky, for an afternoon ride on a nice, sunny 70 degree day.  Nothing like late January in Arkansas!  (It’s actually been VERY unseasonably warm – I’m so glad to get this weather during our winter stay here in the south.)

Since Coral was only 2 years old when we last visited, this was her first real Pinky ride!

Pinky would prefer to be a lap-pony. After a few laps around the pasture, this out-of-shape pet was basically leaning against Pappy, asking to be picked up and carried back to the barn.

Another highlight of the week for me was the chance to catch up with 2 friends one night in Little Rock.  It’s an amazing thing, but one is a girlfriend that was like a little sister to me my entire childhood.  The other I only know through my brother, but we’ve become great friends on Facebook only, wishing that we could be friends “in real life” as well.  The two of them have now become really close friends since living in the same city.  It was a wonderful treat to meet up with both of them at a fun cocktail bar in Little Rock to share some laughs and delicious fare and hear all about their lives.  As we left we asked our waiter to take a picture of us together.

“Do you want to check and see if that one is ok?” he asked after snapping the photo.

“I’m sure it’s fine as long as it’s not blurry”…


FAIL. You had one job…
It’s ok…there were some extras. Good thing they dressed just alike so it was easy to spot them at our rendezvous. They claimed it’s a frequent coincidence, so apparently they were destined to be great friends!

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    If you come to Memphis on one of your close-by trips – we would love to get together with you!

    1. Clay says: Reply

      Hey, Schteffie.

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