Riding Pinky

By: Coral

One day with Pappy we went to Ozark and we rode Pinky, just me & Sunny. Pappy held the reigns. I went first because Sunny was acting too crazy. Then I rode her to another barn. I got off, and Pappy clipped Pinky’s nails. Then I rode Pinky up to the hillside, and then I went in a loop and another loop and then another loop and then it was Sunny’s turn.

Sunny wanted to trot, and then I wanted to trot too. So then I got to trot on Pinky. It was bumpy, and it was fun.
The end

Me & Pappy & Pinky
Me, Pappy, Pinky, & Sunny
Me & Pinky in the background with my hairball that shedded from Pinky.


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    Ride ’em Cowgirl Coral!

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