Mesa Verde

November 13, 2016
Cortez, Colorado

We spent a couple of nights camping in Cortez, CO to check out another bucket-list place for me: Mesa Verde National Park.  I have always wanted to see these ancient cliff dwellings with my own eyes.  I would rather see the marvels at Petra, but until I muster the time, courage, and money to visit Jordan, these Pueblos in southwestern CO will just have to do!

“Spruce House” Cliff Dwelling
you guessed it…Jr Ranger books
this 4 story dwelling is the tallest ancient structure remaining in the park

We’ve had the great joy of exploring so many National Parks in the last few months, and it has been wonderful.  But if I’m honest, we are all growing somewhat tired of the strenuous day-trip routine, so we kept this one pretty simple and brief.  All of the guided tours of the dwellings are done for the season anyway, so we just did a driving tour and enjoyed the sites from a distance.

Another swearing in…
a cold & windy walk up to a look-out
Did I mention that we’re tired?

As we drove out of the park Sunny was pretending to be a Native American mother 900 years ago and we were all quizzing her about her life.  She had learned some things about the ancient cultures in her Jr. Ranger book, so she was talking about making baskets, grinding corn, and taking care of her babies.  Brad asked, “Do you watch TV a lot?”

“The world is my TV!” she answered.

We enjoyed watching the Super Moon rise over snow covered Colorado peaks.

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