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    We recently celebrated 700 days on the road. By “celebrated”, I mean I wrote “Happy Day 700” on the white board the night before, but we left the house early the next morning and returned late, so no one else saw it until the day after.  “Oh, it’s day 700?” Coral asks.  “Um, yeah…it was […]

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  • Raton

    Raton, New Mexico April 11-14, 2018 We drove north of Santa Fe to spend a couple of quiet days in the small town of Raton. It’s amazing how locations within the same state, only a couple of hours away from each other, can feel like worlds apart. Raton was home to a coal mine that […]

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  • Tombstone

    March 12, 2018 Tombstone, Arizona We hadn’t really planned to make a trip through Tombstone, but our drive from Yuma to our next stop in New Mexico was about 8 hours, and that’s just more than we like to do in one day. We found an RV Coop at almost exactly the half-way point on […]

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  • Stumbo Gets a Makeover

    January/February 2018 Yuma, AZ I’m calling it a makeover – not a renovation – because we didn’t move any walls or change the structure of our home in any way. I feel like that’s required in order to qualify a change as a “renovation”. What we did was a makeover – new furniture, paint, and […]

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  • Howlin’ at the Moon

    Yuma, Arizona January 31, 2018 During the winter months, Stumbo has been parked in a neighborhood at the very far southeast corner of the Yuma metro area, on the very southeast edge of the neighborhood.  So just across the street from where we’ve been staying is the desert, parts of it privately owned, but largely […]

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  • Our Season in Yuma

    Yuma December 22, 2017-March 12, 2018 Our stay in Yuma would best be described as our “season” in Yuma. Coming in at 80 days, this is the longest continuous stay at any one place by far. We settled into a routine, enjoying the luxuries of being parked in Brad’s parents’ driveway, including but not limited […]

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  • 500 days later

    Raton, New Mexico April 12, 2018   In November of 2016 we were waylaid in Albuqueque, NM waiting on a trailer part to arrive to repair a leaking tank.  While we waited, we ended up having a fantastic 3+ weeks exploring the interesting city, and made ourselves at home at one of our favorite campgrounds, […]

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  • Thanksgiving Party with Uncle Clay

    Pahrump, Nevada November 22-28, 2017 For the Thanksgiving holiday we had the great joy of welcoming my brother Clay into the Fitzgerald Family insanity for almost a week.  We met up at one of our favorite campgrounds – Preferred RV Resort in Pahrump, Nevada. He rented one of the cabins right next to our campsite […]

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  • Alabama Hills

    Alabama Hills Recreation Area Lone Pine, California November 20-22, 2017   The online reviews of boon docking sites in the Alabama Hills Recreation Area were beckoning us to this spot, but the real draw for me was seeing Mount Whitney.  I’d never realized until last year that the highest point in the contiguous 48 (Mt. […]