About the Fitzgeralds

We are a family of 4 from Wenatchee, Washington.  We hit the road in our 31′ 5th Wheel “Stumbo” in August 2016 and have since visited all 48 contiguous states.

Brad is a graphic designer who keeps the family financially afloat. He’s a work-life balance guru and avid trail runner who keeps our family operating smoothly with his master skills at to-do lists, punctuality, and beard-trimming.

Sarah is a recovering busyness-addict. Her 11+ years of professional experience as a recreation coordinator, her passion for new experiences, and her ability to talk people into anything all work together to empower her as the family enthusiast for all things. In order to maintain her enthusiasm, however, she requires at least 10 hours of sleep each night.

Sunny is an 8 year old spit-fire. When she’s not creating something out of legos on the camper floor, you’ll most likely find her with her nose in a Harry Potter book. She only does life at 120% everything, has earned a Jr. orange belt in karate, and could talk a lawyer in circles in any argument. She’s a walking encyclopedia of animal facts (homeschool helps, but it’s mostly thanks for Wild Kratts) and has never seen a stuffed animal that isn’t cute.

Coral is an old soul and a sweet heart in 6 year old body. She was born with the ability to communicate and empathize with everyone she meets. Her quick wit and expressive stories keep us all laughing even on the most difficult days. Her life-long love for walruses has encouraged us to assemble an interesting collection of unusual toys, and her recent hobby of rock collecting has earned her the title “Pebble Pup.”