Zion National Park

By: Sunny

Welcome to Zion N.P., N.P. stands for National Park. Oh man! I’m going to teach you so much stuff right now. So maybe i’ll give you a table of contents:

  • Para 1 Woundfins
  • Para 2 Faunas
  • Para 3 Mountain Lions
  • Para 4 Yellow Warblers
  • Para 5 Fremont Cottonwoods
  • Para 6 Pinyon Pines
  • Para 7 Conclusion

Para 1 Woundfins

Woundfins are fish, they are small, slender, and silvery animals. They are minnows. They have a flat head and a flat belly. Guess what, they don’t have scales,they have leathery skin! Also they have a very long snout. Woundfins are so pretty! In Zion there are 8 species of fish.

Para 2 Faunas

How many? Well there are 78 species of mammals,291 species of birds,44 species of reptiles and amphibians,and as I said a minute ago 8 species of fish. That’s a lot of species of animals. 421 to be exact.

Para 3 Mountain Lions

The mountain lion has many names including cougar,puma,and mountain lion. Also, since they have so many habitats there are actually fairly common sightings.
They don’t roar, they actually purr! They’re are extrodinary creatures.

Para 4 Yellow Warblers

Males are skinny and bright yellow. Females are fat and bright yellow. Kids are skinny and pale yellow.
They nest in shrubs on the open woodlands, and eat insects.

Para 5 Fremont Cottonwoods

Fremont Cottonwoods make a ribbon of green along the Virgin River and shade many animals. They can also live to be 100 years old!
Crazy right?!?

Para 6 Single Leaf Pinyons

People eat the pine nuts that grow on these pinyons. They are unique since, unlike other pinyons that grow clumps, the needles that grow on these ones are only one.

Para 7 Conclusion

From more than 400 species of animals roaming around, to the big trees and rivers, Zion is one big,and beautiful park.

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  1. Clay says: Reply

    Good job, Sunny! I have never heard of woundfins before, and now I know!

    1. sarah says: Reply

      yeah me either! they are cool

  2. MICHAL Krell says: Reply

    Hi Sunny,
    I was happy to read your review since I plan on visiting the park in September. Will be looking for the yellow warblers.
    I like you writing style!

  3. Cheryl King says: Reply

    Nice report, Sunny! Now I’m inspired to start a record of the species we have here at home.

  4. AZ Grandpa says: Reply

    Great to learn about woundfins. I thought catfish were the only fish without scales. God’s nature is so awesome and so thanks for sharing.

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