“The friends we made recently”

We have made a lot of friends recently, but I’m just gonna name a few, and where we made them:


Enzo, Albuquerque-santa fe;


Logan & Lexi, Moab


Enzo was once just a boy walking on the street with his mom on a sunny easter afternoon. And so, of course, we asked him if he wanted to play with us. And he said “yes.” For a long time we hid easter eggs, until he had to leave. Then the next day the moms met in the laundry room so we scheduled a play date for the next day. We got to go into each others campers! He had awesome legos, there were angel fish heads, bridges, and even snakes! Man he was fun! We also wrestled with the dads, played superheroes-batman style, but of course mostly legos!


Logan and Lexi

One day mom saw a boy playing outside a “SABRE”, which is a camper. But the problem was he was never there when we were. So one day we saw a girl out and went over and she said that we could play the next day, we were finally free at the same time!

So, like we were promised, the next day we went out to play with the boy, and we did, so first we played soccer, then frisbee, then he came to our house and we played “throw-the-pan-on-a-string-and-catch-some-weird-thing-game!” Then when the girl came over we all played barbies. AUTHORS NOTE: beware this part gets crazy,this is the part where I ask if they liked legos!?


“Do you like to play legos?” I asked. They answered “yes!” And they get out their legos, at first I thought they were all the same sets that we have, but it ends up being more awesome. They did have one of the same sets though. They had wheelchairs, bikes, balls, strollers, kids, babies, puppets, computers and even a keyboard!


 It was fun to play legos with friends we made.


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  1. Grandma says: Reply

    Yay for Legos! Thank you for introducing your friends to us, Sunny. Nicely done!

  2. Clay says: Reply


  3. Janet Armes says: Reply

    I love reading these blogs and finding out about the awesome places you are visiting. It’s amazing how many friends you are making along the way!

  4. marie says: Reply

    i want to know how to play “throw the pan on a string and catch some weird thingy” game. that sounds fun!

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