Day 300

June 16, 2017

Today makes 300 days of living in our little mobile house. To date:

25,000 miles driven

38 States visited
50 Campgrounds
22 US National Parks & 1 Canadian one

26 Museums
3 Zoos

2 Oceans

1 Gulf  & 1 Great Lake
39 family members visited
46 friends visited + their 30 kids

7 times that Brad bumped his head on the cabinet above our bed

7 for me as well

1 time Sunny fell out the top bunk in the night

5 overnight guests in our camper

5 RV repair shops

1 Flat tire
0 moose sightings
And enough family memories to last a lifetime. Days we’ve regretted this decision: zero.

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  1. Marie Scanlon says: Reply

    sigh. so good. and i still miss you a billion times a billion.

  2. Tina says: Reply

    So awesome to have a little snippet into your adventure of a lifetime- thank you for the updates!!

  3. Mom says: Reply

    No regrets. Awesome!

  4. Janet Clark says: Reply

    Wow, and incredible, Wonderful Family Memories!😃

  5. Rosie Magnotti says: Reply

    I love all your postings. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Some have made me laugh and some have made me cry (in a good way). What an awesome year you have all had. Miss you lots and lots.

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