A Weekend with Long-Lost Cousins

March 30 – April 3, 2017
Raleigh, NC

We had way too much fun with all these wonderful people.

We stayed in a wonderful campground at the Falls Lake Recreation Area in the middle of the Durham/Wake Forest/Raleigh research triangle.  We loved this park because of the giant campsites with lots of privacy, the beautiful lake, and the fantastic playground in our backyard.

Falls Lake

On our first day here we went through one of the heaviest rainfalls we’ve experienced on the journey so far.  The rain mixed with the yellow coating of pollen that covered everything meant that all of our outside stuff was tinted yellow for days and days to come. (We are still finding things that need to be wiped clean from this.)

The pollen water was a-risin’!

We were eager to catch up with one of Brad’s cousins in Raleigh.  They had shared lots of fun memories as kids, but neither of us had seen Jeremy or his family since our wedding day in 2004!  Since then they’ve grown from a family of 4 to a family of 6 + exchange student.  We enjoyed a couple of evenings in their home – sharing meals, sharing stories, and reconnecting.

Driving from our campsite down to the lake with a truckload of silly cousins! (Our girls had been begging for a chance to ride in the back – this was the perfect chance…who knew our truck seated 11?!)
Cool older-cousin Samantha took the littles out to paddle around on the stand-up paddle board.
Jeremy & Jen treated us to a concert by one of their favorite singer-songwriters, Andy Squyres, on Saturday night.

Our girls had a blast with their new-found second cousins once removed (??).  They played and played and played – we barely ever saw them!  They were more or less inseparable from Friday night until Sunday night.

The inseparable cousins, our girls with Margaret & Charlotte! Or as Coral called them…Margaret & Chargaret.
A slumber party with cousin-friends meant that we got to utilize the fold out beds in our living room for the first time! These girls were up late talking & giggling. Everyone was sleepy the next evening, but it was SO worth it. Such sweethearts.

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