10 Signs You’re Ready for Full-time RV Life


In honor of our quickly approaching “6 months on the road” mark, here are some necessary travel skills for traveling Fitzgerald style… 10. Two words….Showering. Optional.
9. You love to travel light.  You would actually rather do without an item once or twice than carry it around and never use it.  (Willingness to borrow things also comes in handy here.) For example, taking shoes to Death Valley is optional.


8. You are willing to sacrifice your pinky toe to all of the hard edges that outline the tiny floor space.  A perfect 281 square feet


7. You dig the pace of a long road trip.


6. Another family game night is your idea of a great time.  “OK, whose turn is it to be Elsa this time?”


5. You can stomach the need to scrape other people’s lint and hair out of the dryer vent filter before you put your laundry in the dryer at the laundromat.


4. Wandering inefficiently around unfamiliar grocery stores every time you need to buy food doesn’t drive you totally insane. 3. You can somehow tolerate the wild risk of pulling your actual home down the interstate at 70mph.


2. You can handle having a “family towel”.  And it has multiple uses


1. You love seeing & smelling & feeling & hearing & touching new places and new experience so much that it makes all of the incredible inconveniences worth it. Is this real life?

“you got this thing about you

everything that I think about you

is gonna go and make me something else”

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  1. "Wandering Grandpa" says: Reply

    Your posts are amazing Sarah. I thought of this quote after reading this post.
    “Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”
    ― Vincent Van Gogh

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