The Day I Learned Paxton & Kim Had a Pet Cat 

By: Coral

One day we went to Paxton & Kim’s house and I found a cat and she had stripes all over her back. And one other day we were out, and Paxton said her name was Stripey. So I said, “Can I pet that cat?” Then Paxton gave her to me, and I began to love her because she was so soft. I love kitties that have stripes on them, and I love cats. And then I let her go after I was done petting her, and I went inside, and I said to mom that, “I love that cat”.  I petted her every day that we were there.


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  1. Clay says: Reply

    Great story! I would love to hear it again from the cat’s perspective.

    1. Kim says: Reply

      Cat’s perspective ” I love Coral! I love cuddle time! I love Coral!”

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