Four Corners Monument

November 8, 2016
Teec Nos Pos, Arizona

Another day trip from Blanding was just for me and the girls to check out the Four Corners Monument. It ended up working well that Brad wasn’t that interested in going, because he was very interested in having the trailer to himself for a few hours so that he could actually get some work accomplished. We drove the long 2-lane highways through miles and miles of Colorado Plateau, the truck lurching up and down over rolling bumps in old water-damaged roads, blasting patchy radio stations until they went to static and then finding another. At one point we were all singing along with “Life is a Highway” at the top of our lungs, the up and down bounce of the truck like a roller coaster, and Coral yelled, “It’s like the truck is dancing!”

It wasn’t intentional, but I thought Sunny’s comic book choice for the trip was incredibly appropriate.
covering a lot of ground…

We spent about an hour at Four Corners, delighting ourselves with being in multiple states at the same time, or all different states from each other, had a picnic lunch, and headed back home. Even when you’re driving for hours through what seems like “nothing”, there really is still so much to absorb out the window.

It was the girls’ first time to cross over into CO and NM that day. We love to celebrate each new state we reach.
This is the parking lot of the elementary school in Montezuma Creek, UT. I’m not sure if someone rode the horses to school and parked them, or if the horses were there to pick up their kids, or what…but it was funny to me either way. Also, maybe don’t drink the water in a town called Montezuma Creek?

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