This is the story of when I got a bee sting

By: Coral

First, we were playing in the Lego box and I picked up the bee. It crawled over my finger and stung right there. Then mom had some special stuff that grandma Johnson taught her how to make and rub on the bee sting. She made it and I did a really loud scream. And then when she first put a teensy bit on my finger, I stopped screaming. Then I had to go over to the table with a towel under my finger so it wouldn’t drip. Then mom put a white bandage on it. 

Sunny was outside, so I went out and saw what Sunny was doing.  She came in right before I was out there. She said she got a  fly in her eye! We went to show our neighbor, but she was taking her dog for a walk. So we waited for a little while and then when she came back we told her that sunny got a fly in her eye and I got a bee sting. She said that she heard me scream from next door. 

The end. 

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  1. Tina says: Reply

    Oh Coral, that’s the pits! Sounds like you were pretty brave even if you did scream! 🙂 proud of you, girl! Love you!

  2. Grandma says: Reply

    Ouch! Way to be brave, Coral!

  3. Clay says: Reply

    Great story!

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