One month down!


September 21, 2016: Today marks one month since we left our cozy home in East Wenatchee and began living in our 31 foot 5th-wheel, Stumbo, in various locations.Based on what started as tonight’s dinnertime conversation, here’s what each Fitzgerald reports to be the best and hardest parts of life for them so far since the transition:
(I stole some pics from the girls’ cameras for this post…) photo credit: Coral


from Coral's camera
Brad: Best – “I’ve loved the breaking out of routine to do something new & different.  Working in all sorts of different places and being a digital nomad.  I’ve loved finding new trails, and I feel like it’s already exceeded my expectations.  I’ve had several runs where I thought, “Is this the best run ever?” I’ve loved seeing new things and watching my kids see new things. I’ve loved all of us having new experiences together and choosing our days.
Hardest – “I haven’t loved becoming the sole income provider.  I feel like it’s kind of stressful, even though I’m still not working too many hours. It’s especially stressful when the budget gets tight. Photo credit: Coral. 
selfie from her own camera
Sunny: Best – “Playing games on my new phone.  (Mom insert – it’s a CAMERA!) Face timing with Cash.  Eating a bunch of my favorite meals in a row like hot dogs and tacos, and eating lots of nectarines.  Reading Narnia with Dad and playing at new playgrounds.  Building the awesomest sand castle ever and meeting a bunch of new friends. Having a blog.  Going to museums.  This is the best life ever.”
Hardest – “There have not been very many bad things.  Dad gave me yucky water last night.  Missing Cash. And if we give the renters our home I won’t be able to marry Cash.” Photo credit: Sunny
selfie from her own camera
Coral: Best – “Getting my new sparkle phone case. (THEY’RE CAMERAS!) Eating crepes.  Going to Crater Lake.  Awesome playgrounds.  Seeing a real rat.  Seeing weird things like funny squirrel things and some creatures that we haven’t met before, and we didn’t know what they were, what the names were, and Don told us that they were California underground squirrels. I like adventuring.”
Hardest – “Well I loved having my birthday party at our old home and getting a sleeping bag from Aunt Cheryl.  I didn’t like, uh….I can’t know.” Photo credit: Coral
photo credit: Sunny
Sarah: Best – I love that I’m getting to spend more quality time with my daughters.  I still have to deal with the same amount of fits, attitudes, whines, and melt-downs, but I’m getting to spend way more time with them during the fun, good parts of their days than I was before.  I’m also loving their new found independence – riding their bikes all over campgrounds with their walkie-talkies, playing at playgrounds, and making new friends everywhere we go.   I also love the feeling of being in this small home.  The space is tiny, but it’s just big enough and it just feel manageable.
Hardest – I am starting to really miss my people. And I still need to get better at finding opportunities for rest in this space and experience that still doesn’t quite feel like home.
I would love suggestions on a good question for us to ponder at the 2 month mark… Photo credit: Sunny



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  1. Mom says: Reply

    Another great read!!

  2. Cheryl K says: Reply

    Glad you are enjoying your time! And I’m glad Coral is getting to use that sleeping bag. Thanks for taking us all along through words and pictures.

  3. Beth says: Reply

    Just found your blog. Thanks for sharing. We live in Kennewick and are (hopefully) going full timeing in the next few months. Love the insight you provide.

    1. sarah says: Reply

      Awesome! Good luck & hang in there with all the last minute craziness, and we’ll see you in the campgrounds! 😊

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