July 20, 2016
Monitor, Washington

About two weeks ago we took Stumbo out for the maiden voyage, to try out living in the space for a few days. We also needed to practice all of the technical parts of RV life that are new to us – all the hooking & unhooking, filling & dumping, etc.  I’m pleased to report that we had a really great first run!!

A great little spot to camp on the Wenatchee River.

I was so relieved that we successfully backed into our site without damaging  any person or property.  We thought the fridge wasn’t working…but then it was. Then we thought the water heater was broken…but then it wasn’t! YESSSSS!!!!

Brad cooking the usual gourmet cuisine for dinner.
There was also a lot of this…


And this…
And even a little bit of this…

Sunny made a sweet friend from a nearby campsite and they rode their bikes, dug in wet sand, and played outdoor ping pong together.

And I even read a BOOK. Like, 3 whole pages! And look what little gem I found on page 3…“Some days you must learn a great deal. But you should also have days when you allow what is already in you to swell up and touch everything. If you never let that happen, then you just accumulate facts, and they begin to rattle around inside of you.”  E. Konigsburg

On Monday morning I told Coral that it was time to take the trailer back to storage and go home. Her reply was, “But Mom…we didn’t go all those places?!”

T – 39 days.

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  1. Heidi says: Reply

    Proud of you guys!!! This chapter of your life is going to be extraordinary!

  2. Sadie Knowles says: Reply

    I’m really going to miss you you are a kind hearted lady hope we can stay in touch with each other have fun traveling good luck Sarah

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